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7 Pines: An evening in Kasauli!

Some trips are like a small bundle of joys. My stint with Kasauli, first time ever, was exactly the same. When it materialised in early Summers this year, I was exhausted and desperate for a break. Cool winds blessed with pleasant drizzle welcomed us as we drove gleefully atop the hills. A few droplets on cheeks peeping out of the windows worked as a great energizer. That almost detached Delhi’s mundane life and fatigue. So when we arrived at our destination, 7 Pines – An English Retreat, a beautiful resort located a few kilomteres above Kasauli, we were barely in a mood to rest.

Even though every corner of the hill is picturesque, this resort has been accentuated with several props placed in and around to give you impressive backdrop (for Instagram images :).

The night view was spiritually seductive. I spent hours on a swing placed in the front garden, overlooking twinkling lights seen faraway on the queen of hills, Shimla. There was some atmopsheric music in cool breeze that played nonchalantly with wind chimes. I could sit there for many nights…

The next morning, we trekked a few kilometers, beginning from one corner of the resort itself. It was a fun ride in the company of fellow bloggers, Pratibha Bhaduria, Amy Chhabra and Nipun Bajaj, along with Abhinav Sood and his colleague Vishal Kashyap, our curators of the trip. Some points were tailor-made for amazing pictures.

The afternoon was dedicated to sightseeing. We braved showers with umbrellas but didn’t stop. Hey! That’s fun anyway. The Christ’s Church is a quaint site built by the British. The mall road ahead brims with local food and some Chinese delicacies. A tea worked as a warm tonic!

You can escape to hills anytime, except Monsoons. Even November won’t be a bad idea :)

Sharing some images of 7 Pines. Check out more on their website for offers, location and services. They are buzzing round the year!

7 Pines

At 7 Pines, you get friendly staff, delicious meals, luxurious stay and excellent WiFi services. They have a pet dogs too!


7 Pines

During our stay, the owners of Leisure Hotels Group, accompanied us on the dinner and also arranged a bonfire experience.


7 Pines

7 Pines offers a populous range of luxurious rooms. These cozy and comfortable double bedrooms with their own verandahs are overlooking the Shimla Hills and pristine pine forests :)


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