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A Gentleman Review: Riding high on Sidharth Malhotra’s sex appeal but low on content

A Gentleman invests too much on style quotient but lacks content, says Shomini Sen

Sidharth Malhotra

Still from A Gentleman

When you cast two of Bollywood’s hottest actors, Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez in a film together, you know the film is going to be a stylish, good looking. But can that alone help a movie to work? Director duo Raj and DK’s latest A Gentleman: Sundar. Susheel. Risky is a film which is high on looks but tad low on logic and content. But then when has Bollywood batted for logic in its stories.

A Gentleman is the story of a ‘safe’ Gaurav, a hardworking, ‘good boy’ settled in Miami. He has a good job, a new swanky house and a big car and even a girl, Kavya, (Jacqueline Fernandez) whom he wants to marry. Only that the girl dreads being proposed by him as he is ‘too safe’ for her liking. Gaurav of course has a past that no one is aware of at Miami. A rather risky past where he was actually called Rishi and worked as a spy for a secret Unit called the Unit X of the National Security Council, headed by a corrupt Colonel (Suniel Shetty). Rather tired with his life as an agent, Rishi yearned to quit and have a stable, normal life- complete with a house, wife and kids.

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Being the best agent of the Unit, he is of course not let off that easily and hence Rishi escapes and starts a new life in Miami as Gaurav.  No one knows about his past, not even his best friend Diskshit (Hussain Dalal) and definitely not Kavya- the love of his life. The twist comes when Colonel and his men realise that Rishi is alive and trace him to Miami. Colonel sends Yakub (Darshan Kumar) to procure a hard disk that Rishi had run off with when he left Mumbai five years back. And thus begins a cat and mouse chase around Miami where our leading man transforms from a meek, sushil boy to a kick ass, daring agent.

The entire first half is spent in establishing the characters and the plot. It is only in the second half that the pace picks up and the actual story is revealed. Considering it’s an action thriller, the film takes a leisurely time to establish all the characters and the plot.

The film also showcases Sidharth Malhotra’s striking good looks in abundance. We often complain about how Bollywood objectifies women in its films. But A Gentleman actually does not showcase the glamorous actress as much as it shows its leading man. Numerous shirtless shots, a mild gay encounter with a government official-  Malhotra’s sex appeal is displayed throughout the film and very cleverly infused in the screenplay.

There are some high octane stunts with cars flying off high rises (Fast and Furious style) and some genuinely funny moments that involve the ever charming Hussain Dalal and Rajit Kapoor but the film overall doesn’t do much to create a lasting impact. Malhotra delivers some witty lines with an absolute straight face. The story also lacks logic. No one knows how a secret agent on the run, forges another man’s signature and identity and gains access inside the US so easily. It does raise questions about the US security for sure. But if you leave logic aside, the film is a stylish Bollywood entertainer with a very good looking leading pair.

Raj and DK’s best perhaps was a film called Shor In the City. They have also delivered a somewhat hilarious Go Goa GoneA Gentleman is unlike these films but it serves a very hot Sidharth Malhotra on a platter. Sundar film but definitely not risky.

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