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AIFW: What’s up with Ramola Bachchan?

RAMOLA BACHCHAN was seen enjoying her moment of seclusion at the show.

Ramola Bachchan

Ramola Bachchan at Gaurav Gupta’s show/Born of Web 

At the Gaurav Gupta’s show on the day 1 of the fashion week, we saw A-list designers, models, artistes, restaurateurs, magazine editors and buyers thronging the venue. It was a sort of cultural meet where fashionistas were at their social best. However, it seems like some senior fashion folks are really done with gossips and banters. Recently, we learnt through an IANS interview that Rohit Bal is seeking quiet life where nobody would judge him. Now at Gupta’s show, we saw prominent socialite Ramola Bachchan basking in her moment of isolation.

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Ramola Bachchan

Ramola Bachchan enjoying her lone moment/Born of Web

Ramola Bachchan

While Ramola Bachchan isolated herself, this was the view exactly at the same time at the other side of the show

As the pictures revealed, Ramola Bachchan chose to sit quietly at her designated seat, ditching the most glamorous gathering for the day. Since the show failed to start on time, divas and dandies got enough time to mingle and take selfies. However, Bachchan took her seat on time like serious front benchers and was seen indulging with her accessories.

We hope all is well with Ms Bachchan!

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