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Assholes, we stand by Sonam Kapoor!

Say what you feel like! If you stick only to fashion, you would give in to jingoistic fanaticism. And we won’t like that!


Ok, Sonam Kapoor has just been trolled on Twitter, so has other celebrities. But why the fashionable diva comes under scanner time and again? Because she has never feared of sharing her unapologetic views in public domain. So much so that she reacts to her personal criticism and doesn’t even think of repercussions of taking on powerful people and their campaigns.

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Some intellectual snobs call her ‘immature’ while others just love her for being so frank and crude (or rude). We belong to the latter category. We are particularly impressed by her knack of defending herself confidently and turning the tables at her terms.
What’s wrong in that? What happened to our slogan of freedom of speech and expression? Why can’t she call us asshole’ if we call her ‘bimbo’? Why can’t we tolerate her strong words of a powerful personality? Does it hurt our machoism? Possibly yes, and that’s what she referred to today!
To state the fact, she is the latest target of trolls because she called the temporary meat ban in Maharashtra ‘misogynistic’ in nature. Fine, she could be ill-timed in raising her feminism but the kind of threats and tweets she received on Twitter are uncalled for. Sonam is a brave individual who has often retorted strongly to her critics. And there’s clearly dearth of such fearless popular figures.

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Remember, how she cornered social commentator Shobha De? Or how she showed middle finger to the Censor Board which objected to her showing middle finger in her movie Players. The movie tanked but Sonam Kapoor emerged as the face of the popular youth culture. We all are rebellious in nature, some wants to suppress it while others let it talk.
We have to be welcoming of anger as long as it is being spoken out. Assholes!

Let’s end it how journalist Barkha Dutt did it on Twitter:

Dear @sonamakapoor they come after you not because they think you mixed meat with misogyny but because they are bullies. Ignore !

— barkha dutt (@BDUTT) September 8, 2015



On Ranbir Kapoor: “Ranbir is not sexy unless he strips.” “Ranbir needs a stylist.” “Ranbir is a great friend, but not good boyfriend material. I wonder how Deepika held on to him for so long!”

On Shobha De: “For a 60-something porn writer, I am sure she (Shobha) knows what she’s talking about.”

Reply to Sonakshi Sinha, who called Sonam more of a style icon than an actor: “Even I said plenty of foolish things when I was at that age. I give everyone the benefit of doubt.”

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