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India: Can we hate Homophobia as much as Censorship?

Indian ‘homophobic’ politicians have expressed solidarity with victims of Orlando’s shooting but none of them mentioned ‘LGBT’ in any of their message. This says it all.
By Karan Bhardwaj


May love win over hate/Source

We have been campaigning fiercely against proposed censorship on Udta Punjab by the Central Board of Film Certification, ironically known as the Censor Board. The matter, which ultimately landed in a court, exposed how so-called moral policing continues to oppress independent, young voice of the country, which no more wants dictatorship over its choices.

We, the youngsters of this nation, know very well what is good or bad for us. We want to face the reality and conquer our fears. Even if we lap up bad choices, we won’t mind emerging stronger with lessons. But we definitely don’t need any watchdog laced with obsolete traditions and ideas of the last century.

Unfortunately, the landmark judgement against censorship in cinema comes at a time (hopefully) when Orlando city is washing off blood stains of a coward act against homosexuality. A gunman killed over 50 people at a gay nightclub. This homophobia which often takes a violent turn is extremely depressing. How can we call ourselves a modern society unless we are accepting of differences in gender, love, colour or creed? In India, homophobic people call homosexuals ‘mentally disturbed’ or individuals with physical disorder or people against nature or God. All this is bullshit.

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Though we are thankful to Indian judiciary for taking bold steps against censorship in cinema, we are still disappointed over ‘criminalisation of homosexuality’ in law books. The LGBT community continues to live in shadows of exploitation for ages. Interestingly, Indian politicians have expressed solidarity with victims of Orlando’s shooting but none of them mentioned ‘LGBT’ in any of their message. This says it all.

For a minute, let’s forget about laws and politicians. As a society, our own judgement against people who fall in love with same sex is full of hypocrisy, reluctance to change and dichotomy of old and new. Forget our parents, how many of us fail to shame and casually whip our gay and lesbian friends? Reason, they think differently. Guys, we are badly outraged against censorship in cinema but what about censorship in love?

It’s high time India begins to acknowledge all sexual orientations. At Born of Web, we will continue to raise our voice against homophobia, censorship, gender inequality, moral policing and all issues that stop youth to dream about better, a really diverse India.

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder

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