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Cate Blanchett hails all things Indian!

At Women in the World summit, the Oscar-winning actress praised Fire, Shekhar Kapur for being her guiding light! She also shared how short conversation with make-up artist Charu Khurana inspired her! By Karan Bhardwaj

Women in the World

Cate Blanchett at Women in the World summit in India

We just loved Cate Blanchett for showing us how to make corporate appearance look cool! Plus, she wore sneakers to support women empowerment, especially designed from an African group. The firebrand Oscar-winning actress spoke everything that’s India at the Women In The World summit in India!

She praised Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi for Fire, a revolutionary film that had two women falling for each other some 20 years back! Blanchett’s latest movie Carol is also on the same lines, where she falls in love with a younger saleswoman. During the talk with Tina Brown, she applauded make-up artist Charu Khurana for winning the landmark case against gender discrimination in Bollywood. “While applying lipstick, Charu told me how she won legal battle which finally allowed women to become make up artist in Bollywood, something that never existed earlier. Today, some 400 women have already become make-up artist in Bollywood,” she said.

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Later, Blanchett confessed that meeting film-maker Shekhar Kapur was the turning point in her career. The two had worked together in Elizabeth (1998). “We would have several arguments during the shoot and otherwise. I think it is important to have creative differences which leads to amazing output,” she said.

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