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‘DareDreamers’ honoured at the book launch!

DareDreamers: A Start-up of Superheroes, a riveting novel authored by Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma, was launched at Oxford Bookstores, Delhi, in the presence of Olympian Shagun Chowdhary, Chaayos’ co-founder Raghav Verma and Born of Web’s founder Karan Bhardwaj


DareDreamers Book Launch (l-r): Raghav Verma, Shagun Chowdhary, Ravi Nirmal Sharma, Kartik Sharma and Karan Bhardwaj

To start the evening, Kartik Sharma, the co-author, spoke about why DareDreamers is spelt as one word. He said, “DareDreamers are people who don’t just dream but dare to convert their dreams into reality with a zeal and a never-say-die spirit; a very important distinction from day dreaming. They face and overcome any challenges and obstacles, of which there are always plenty, driven by love, passion and belief in the value that their efforts create and stand for. And just as DareDreamers do not let anything come between them and their dreams from becoming real, we feel there should be no space between the two words.”

Next, Karan Bhardwaj kicked off an entertaining panel discussion with the co-authors Ravi and Kartik, and Shagun and Raghav. The discussion revolved around the novel and what all it takes to become a ‘daredreamer’. The packed audience also got to know about the inspiraing stories of Shagun and Raghav and how they beat the odds to become successful.

The discussion was a lively one, punctuated with laughter from the panelists and the audience. The book launch broke the norms by becoming an interactive and collaborative platform. Fiction met reality when real-life DareDreamers, namely, Advaita Kala- bestselling author and scriptwriter for Kahaani, Deepak Agarwal- founder of Auric, Dessidre Fleming- trailblazing editor at ScoopWhoop, Ian Correa- Director at the NGO Hope Foundation and Parag Agarwal- serial entrepreneur and founder & CMD for the NGO Janajal, were honoured with mementoes and invited to narrate their inspirational stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph.

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