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Data proves again, Bangalore is the fitness capital of India!

With the change of year, Bangalore has the maximum demand for gyms with a 40 per cent spike, followed by Mumbai with 35 per cent and Delhi with 30 per cent, showing that Bangalore continues to lead as the fitness capital of India


Gympik, India’s largest fitness discovery platform

We Indians love our festivals and all the goodies that come with it. That’s when we bring out the ‘foodie’ in us, and for once, let ourselves indulge unabashedly in a wide variety of food, sweets and snacks.

However, the messed-up life cycle, very soon leaves many feeling guilty, greasy and bloated. And this is when most of them hit the gyms to lose the additional flab or get back to their work out regimes, post Christmas and New Year celebrations. Reflected in a pan-India study conducted by Gympik, it shows that people hit gyms with a vengeance to get back in shape soon after the festival season. The study has shown​ a 77 per cent spike in people diligently working out at gyms, particularly post festivities such as post Christmas and New Year Parties.

In fact, the trend is much higher this year as opposed to the 56 per cent spike seen in 2016. Gympik’s study, that researched one million people, showed that fitness was still dominated by urban cities. Bangalore had the maximum demand for gyms with a 40 per cent spike, followed by Mumbai with 35 per cent and Delhi with 30 per cent, showing that Bangalore continues to lead as the fitness capital of India.

The spike was seen in people of ages between 18 and 35, with the highest traction in people between 25-34 years’ old. The ratio of females to males taking up memberships was 55:45 in the post Christmas and New Year period. This indicates that a lot of youngsters are becoming health conscious and taking their fitness seriously.

Commenting on the study, Amaresh Ojha, Founder and CEO of Gympik, said, “It’s really great to see people working towards getting fit. I urge everyone to continue this enthusiasm even after this peak season of festivities passes, and make fitness a part of their lifestyle. The advantage of joining a gym is to have access to not only the gym equipment, but a large variety of exciting group exercise classes that will never let you get bored. The key is to find a place that will make you feel comfortable and lets you be at peace with yourself.”

In terms of popular workouts, bodyweight training (58 per cent) was the top contender among men, while women were drawn towards dance exercises like aerobics (85 per cent) and Zumba (81 per cent). High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates, Aqua Fitness and Body Combat were also slowly making their presence felt in Indian fitness circles. However, Crawling Workout and TRX Suspension are yet to enter the average Indian gym-goer’s psyche.

Some, despite the perceived high monthly fee, were opting for the services of a personal trainer at home. Similarly, the convenience of virtual gyms and home workout videos were finding more acceptance among time-starved professionals.

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