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Dear Sapna Bhavnani, you’re a perpetrator, not a victim

You’re so smart Sapna Bhavnani! First, you ranted against Salman Khan to get discussed. Then, you tried shooting the messenger in your second round of fame. Do you even realise who spread this rayta on the table? By Karan Bhardwaj 

Dear Sapna Bhavnani, congratulations on becoming a national topic yet again just with an overzealous interview. I’m glad you have, at least, acknowledged that your latest book has got some attention due to f**** shit you spilled against Salman Khan during the interview for reasons, best known to you. I understand it’s your hobby to criticise Salman Khan to grab eyeballs but this time you have been caught in your own web by targeting the journalist who interviewed you. I know the content was sensational, the headline was clickbait, as you rightly pointed out. But then what did you expect from an entertainment supplement known only to write scoops and clickbait articles; The Hindu‘s depth or The Indian Express‘ investigation or The Statesman‘s opinion?

These f****** cheap tricks that you learnt in Bigg Boss to create tamasha (drama) and then act like a victim are best suited in that no-more-entertaining house, not in the real world.  You accused the journalist of sensationalising the interview to get more clicks as she focused only on Salman Khan. But did she put words in your mouth? Did you sermonise against Khan on gunpoint? Why didn’t you decline to comment on that ‘first question’? You said the copy (interview) has been edited to read sensational just like ‘they’ do at Bigg Boss. Waah! You go and participate in that f****** irritating show and the journalist cannot even question you on that. Bakwas!

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And what is your f****** problem with Salman Khan? Why do you make selective outrage against him? You call him a male chauvinist pig (MCP) who dances like a monkey in his film. “This man really misuses people and I don’t’ have to give him importance… especially in my book,” you precisely said. Okay. We all liberals, particularly feminists, love to hate him for his weird, incomplete, totally illogical statements (behaviour) against women. But dear, what about those women who lick his f****** d*** to get work? No word for them? Didn’t the likes of Aishwarya Rai or Katrina Kaif or even Himesh Reshammiya (the list is endless) already know about Khan’s chauvinism when they befriended him? Why don’t you say something about female actors who have been blessed by him and are called global icons today. Wait, forget others, what about you! You sought publicity and two moments of fame by attacking the superstar in the name of ‘activism’ and then called the episode ‘sensational’ when it fired back, exactly like Bigg Boss contestants?

Admit it. You could be an activist but you are an entertainment celebrity too, thanks to Bigg Boss and your occasional rants against Salman Khan. I have respected you and will continue to do so because you have been a warrior, a role model for millions of women who have fought crimes courageously in this country or around the world. But don’t take us for granted by indulging in disgusting publicity stunts where you are a perpetrator, not a victim.

Disclaimer: The content is explicit intentionally.

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