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SCANDAL! Delhi’s fashion writer Jaydeep Ghosh put behind bars on charges of extortion

Fashion writer Jaydeep Ghosh had published a sensational article on the divorce battle between industrialist Jaidev Shroff and socialite wife Poonam Bhagat. Reports claim that the blogger demanded a staggering amount of Rs 2 crore from the industrialist to remove the article from his blog

Jaydeep Ghosh

Jaydeep Ghosh/Facebook

Delhi’s well-known fashion journalist and blogger Jaydeep Ghosh, who has written for leading dailies including The Times of India and Hindustan Times, has been put behind bars by the Mumbai Police for allegedly blackmailing and demanding an extortion money of Rs 2 crore from industrialist Jaidev Shroff. Ghosh, who runs controversial blog, published a sensational article on Jaidev Shroff’s divorce battle with socialite wife Poonam Bhagat. According to the police, as quoted by multiple reports online, the blogger demanded a sum of Rs 2 crore from the industrialist to remove the article from his blog and further prevent number of ‘300’ additional articles on him.

Jaydeep Ghosh was arrested from the Khar office of United Phosphorous Limited, a multi-crore company headed by Jaidev in Mumbai, on April 27, but the shocking details have now emerged. The story was first carried by Mumbai-based tabloid Mirror. According to the report, Ghosh visited the Khar office to collect the first installment of Rs 60 lakh but was recorded by the industrialist, who had already got the cops in action. The cops arrested the blogger with the amount. The journalist-turned-blogger has been booked under sections 384 (extortion), 506 (criminal intimidation), and 120(b) (conspiracy) of the India Penal Code and provisions of the Information Technology Act, reads the Mirror report. Considering the seriousness of charges, Ghosh has been denied bail. However, he has rejected all the allegations, citing that he has been made a scapegoat by the industrialist in his ugly battle against his wife.

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In a blog published on April 8, 2017, Jaydeep wrote on the ongoing separation drama between industrialist Jaidev Shroff and his wife Poonam Bhagat. “The Mumbai chatterati is abuzz with Jai Shroff and Poonam Bhagat’s unpleasant separation drama. The philanderer hubby of Poonam is trying to conceal his wealth so as to get away lightly on the settlement issue. Wonder why a wealthy man who has all the wealth to splurge on his ‘Band of Blondes‘ from Ukraine and his friends in the corridors of power turn stingy when it comes to settlement with the ex-wife,” Ghosh wrote in the blog. Read the full blog here, which has not been removed from the website.

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Jaydeep Ghosh has been a controversial writer with many of his past articles on socialites and fashionistas receiving unpleasant reactions. Many socialites have blamed the writer for defaming them and destroying their public image. However, this report of him extorting money has come as a shocker, especially in Delhi’s fashion circuit, as the senior writer hobnobs with the top names from the fashion industry. Looks like more details will emerge in days to come. Watch out this space!

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