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Disgusting! Daily O’s columnist addresses Priyanka Chopra’s breasts as ‘two globes’

If this is not objectification, then we don’t know what it is! By Chhavi Jain

Priyanka Chopra

A screenshot of a cringeworthy post by DailyO

An article on, an online commentary platform, that talked about how Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone fared at the Golden Globes 2017 made the most outrageous remarks of objectification about Priyanka Chopra’s breasts. The article that began discussing the Ralph Lauren couture of the Quantico star seemed to invade a bit too much into her physical space. By referring to her breasts as ‘two Golden Globes’, it went on to talk about how Deepika Padukone was “confident enough of her hourglass body in the movie, but she could have shown at least some figure in the dress.” The physically up-close and politically incorrect nature of such comments seemed to trespass all boundaries of an individual’s private space. It was especially disparaging and derogatory for an opinion forum to stand by such a problematic take.

Flaunting parts of one’s own body or choosing a particular fitting is a personal choice, but for people to form opinions and make snide utterances works on the same plane as Mamata Banerjee’s horrendous take on female body, “Nowadays it’s like an open market with open options.”

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Both men and women have been faced with issues revolving around objectification and many a times we see the youth, Bollywood stars and various political leaders addressing the same. However, this remains a problem that can be dealt by delving into the psyche of a herd mentality that transpires such thought processes and, the lack of a certain awareness amongst people regarding personal space which is understated.

Hoping to be a part of a progressive world, appalling statements like these coming from an opinionated portal encapsulates in itself a rather primitive psychology that is still not ready for the transition towards a more open and free culture that the world is adopting. Human body treated as an object is not something we should learn to live by, but rather fight against with all the strength we can accumulate on collective as well as individual levels.

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