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WTF! DJ Afrojack has been sued for $25 Million

Afrojack’s girlfriend exposes his shocking ‘suicide threats and possessive demeanour’  

Globally-acclaimed DJ Afrojack, whose real name is Nick Van De Wall, has been sued with $25 Million by his former girlfriend Lauren Meditz. According to the lawsuit quoted by Radar Online, “The parties future agreed that in the event of the dissolution of their relationship by death, separation or otherwise, that all of Van de Wall’s property including that acquired during the time of the parties’ relationship, would be divided for the benefit of Meditz.”

According to the report, the bone of contention in the relationship was Afrojack’s dominant and autocratic behaviour that even compelled Medtiz to look in a certain manner. Meditz has claimed that she changed her hair, and even received Botox and facial fillers. Even her job suffered due to continuous journeys with her boyfriend. On asking to leave for her job the DJ used to make her feel guilty, shameful, and disloyal. Ultimately, she had to quit the job because of his continuous interference. He also used to constantly call and text her to be with him all the time and threatened her of not taking a ‘no’ in revert.

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Afrojack also used to make Meditz suffer due to his temperament, as per the report. There’s a ugly incident between that has come up in public now. Meditz claimed that Afrojack became upset after she refused to join him at the competition of Gumball 3000, an international celebrity motor rally. He threatened to kill himself by crashing his $550,000 car into wall if ‘she didn’t answer the phone’.

Read full report here!

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