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Exclusive: This is the biggest creative attack on Pepsi so far!

In response to Pepsi’s controversial campaign that took a dig on FTII students’ hunger strike, National Award-winning film-maker has launched a series of counter videos 


A still from the video/YouTube

Remember, we were the first ones to inform you how Pepsi’s latest advertisement drew criticism for its uncanny resemblance to the hunger strike by the students of The Film and Television Institute of India. Now we are bringing you the latest development on the controversy. In solidarity with FTII students, the Aarambh Mumbai Productions has launched a series of videos, Lame and Shame Series, taking a dig at Pepsi and its consumers. The first video has been released and is gaining popularity on social media. Actress Swara Bhaskar shared it saying, “eent ka jawaab patthar, Paisey ka jawaab Kalam.” “I think it’s important and ingenious way of registering protest. The video is witty, strong and aptly makes the point,” she told us.

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The video features an insensitive guy, also the consumer of a soft drink called Poopsi, who ‘gives a damn’ about everything in life ~ people, feelings and issues. He pees on a plant, makes MMS of a girl and is scolded by his editor-boss for making an objectionable advertisement in the magazine. Ultimately, he tells his boss, “Ad tha Sir, bana diya.”

National award-winning film-maker, Sriram Dalton, who is the DOP and editor of the video, told Born of Web, “It’s extremely upsetting that a huge brand like Pepsi tried to dilute a serious mass movement led by students’ community in this country. Students were sitting on deathbed for a cause. Don’t you know how sensitive this matter is? Don’t you understand the gravity of situation? Don’t you know about students had not eaten anything for months? Through our videos, we lodge strong protest against Pepsi which has refused to run the advertisement despite protests and petitions and continue to show its insensitive attitude.”

There are total four videos in the series, directed by well-known theatre artiste Gopal Datt. Watch the first video here

Now watch the Pepsi advertisement, in case you haven’t seen it!

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