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Exclusive: Watch TV actors Iqbal Khan, Arti Singh in a spat with media

The press conference of AND TV’s show Waaris in Delhi turned into a face-off between the star cast and scribes, reports Karan Bhardwaj

Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan got into a spat with media in Delhi

The press conference of And TV’s latest show Waaris turned into a hostile argument between the star cast, Iqbal Khan and Arti Singh, and media representatives. The bone of contention was almost two-hour long delay in the schedule. Invited journalists reached the venue at the Taj Mansingh Hotel at around 1 pm but had to wait till 3 pm before the lead pair of the show finally arrived to talk to them.

The impatient scribes, who were walking out of the venue as a mark of protest, bumped into Iqbal Khan and Arti Singh in the corridor. The actors were walking downstairs towards the conference hall. However, what followed next was an ugly spat. Iqbal got furious when one of the journalists made a demeaning remark saying the press was not entitled to wait for unknown celebrities.

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As shown in the video, Khan again drew flak at the conference hall where another group of journalists took on him. The stars apologised but also refused vehemently to take the blame for the delay.

Sources close to the channel told Born of Web that the unavailability of the costumes led to the delay. “The person who was carrying the costumes missed her flight. So there was an inevitable delay of two hours,” the source told us.

However, after the argument of around 20-30 minutes, the star cast of Waaris addressed the press conference which lasted for almost an hour.

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