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VH1 Supersonic: ‘Fuck Donald Trump,’ says an angry Macklemore in a strong message to the US President

Watch how Grammy award winning hip-hop artist Macklemore tore apart US President Donald Trump during his gig at VH1 Supersonic in India. By Karan Bhardwaj 


Macklemore at VH1 Supersonic/RAUNAK SHRIVASTAVA

The rapper, who’s quite vocal against the controversial policies of Trump, addressed some 15,000 fans at Laxmi Lawns, the venue of the three-day long music festival. “We are in an interesting time in the world right now. I don’t know exactly how things are going in India, but in the United States, Donald Trump is trying to divide human beings,” he said. Macklemore’s fans immediately booed Trump.

“America is a country full of immigrants. My grandparents came from Ireland. What Donald Trump is trying to do right now is divide people by the God that they believe in…. divide people on what they choose to do with their bodies…” he said in a 3-minuted address. “I believe that human race is bigger than the division that we put on ourselves. We can pray to different Gods and still have harmony. Hatred can never dry out love,” he added. According to recent reports, Macklemore will also be a part of a fundraising concert for the American Civil Liberties Union that will also feature Imagine Dragons, Incubus, Miguel and Skrillex.

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At VH1 Supersonic, some Indian fans were surprised as they weren’t expecting such direct political attack at a musical festival here. After sharing a strong message on the stage, Macklemore then performed Fuck Donald Trump, followed by Same Love.

Watch in the video below what Macklemore has to say on Donald Trump


Now watch Fuck Donald Trump Live by Macklemore


Macklemore at VH1 Supersonic/RAUNAK SHRIVASTAVA

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