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GOTCHA! FDCI appoints new PR Agency for the upcoming Amazon India Fashion Week. Guess who?

Looks like the FDCI is in no mood to entertain PR lapse this time. A report by Karan Bhardwaj

Remember we were the first ones to tell you about the recent PR goof up at FDCI India Couture Week? Yes, so we’ve known how after an open showdown between  FDCI chief Sunil Sethi and Weber Shandwick, the communications for the fashion week between media and the design council had halted briefly. According to sources, the Council is having a tough time ensuring effective communication with media especially after exit of a couple of senior officials. What we’ve heard latest is that to avoid any such fiasco again, the Fashion Design Council of India has now appointed Zeno Group to handle public relations mandate for the forthcoming edition of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer’17.


The panelists at the model auditions for Amazon India Fashion Week AW’16

Why Zeno Group?
Even though the company isn’t as much experienced in the fashion circuit, one of their employees has previously worked with Weber Shandwick. The same person who is now with Zeno Group, has had the experience of managing the public relations for the previous seasons of the Amazon India Fashion Week. Well we think you can guess the name.

What about W Five Communications?
Now after Mr Sunil Sethi had a showdown with Weber during the couture week, the FDCI appointed W Five to finish up the job. However, whether W Five would handle future communications for FDCI or not remained a question. For this season, we have learned that W Five will be working in coordination with Zeno Group. “Mr Sethi is known as a person who honors his relations with people. W Five helped them in a crisis situation. So he won’t let go off them just like that,” a source told Born of Web.

So that is about it. We hope that the two PR agencies work in good coordination with each other and avoid any confusion like the one that affected the previous season of the Amazon India Fashion Week. Fingers crossed!

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