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Here we present your Christmas look!

Designer Gautam Gupta shares some serious fashion tips to follow this season. Must read before you dress up for the party :)

Christmas look

It’s always great to stand out at a party! Sure, a LBD dress or your smoking suit will always be on parity for this party season but who says holiday dressing has to be so cut or dry. While your invites for this holiday with your dress codes for “festive attire” pour in, have fun with the hotness in winter by pairing sexy astonishing drapes for your Christmas look. Spend time getting ready on Christmas morning and use it as an excuse to steal away some quality ‘me time’.

Style does matter, and it has nothing to do with what you actually wear, but more with how you wear it, knowing your assets, your best looks, what fits and what doesn’t, from a plain old tee to your hair, makeup, or accessory. The most important thing is to dress rendering to the event and the location. Where you’re actually going has more of an importance than anything else, and can save you from fashion faux pas.


Christmas look

  • First immediately eliminate that boring pencil skirt combined with a prim blouse! It is not the outfit this winter.
  • Trend is more towards androgynous style rather than those fitted attires.
  • Nevertheless, free and light dresses, flowing skirts, slacks are very suitable for active entertaining bustle.
  • Look for easy-shaped dresses but also has stored in pockets, gifts and surprises for entertainment and jokes.
  • Forget that backless this season the new way to show some skin is to bare your mid riff.
  • You can coordinate your shorts this season for day and night and can easily infuse your look with monochromatic colour palette.


Christmas look

  • You can even carry a casual look this season if you pair it with blazer or just a leather jacket or may be graphic t-shirt will also work.
  • A long jacket is men’s best friend during the year end party season.
  • Its all about the party season and your personal style, run your imagination wild and make great mix and match combos. For instance, layer it up, like shirt with a tie and half sweater taken over by a blazer.



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Written by

Gautam Gupta is an Indian fashion designer.

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