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In a makeover, Carma turns into a multi-designer store!

Previously known as an exclusive retail hub for Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Carma store has now opened doors for a mix of young and established designers. Rashima Nagpal reports 


The lush new gallery at Carma

From once being an exclusive hub to Sabyasachi, Carma has now become the abode for several young and established designers like Payal Singhal, Anushree Reddy, Monica & Karishma, Suneet Verma, Dolly J and more. Nestled in the greens of Mehrauli, the revamped store retains a sense of ethereality as well as prestige that Carma has gained since 25 years of its existence.


Malvika Poddar and Devashish Poddar

Take a look at our exclusive clip from the celebration:-

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Anupam Poddar has designed the store in a surreal manner; especially the concept of a lobby with mirrors on either sides to give a sense of infinity. It manifests Malvika’s vision of the Indian Couture experience which focuses on continuity very well. Malvika also caters to the “generation shift” in the compilation of a brand new collection. “The idea this time is to promote variety and liveliness”, she tells one of the guests present at the celebration. She brings in young and fresh designers such as Anushree Reddy, Monica & Karishma for Jade and Payal Singhal amongst others to encourage newness.


A glimpse of Anushree Reddy’s collection at Carma



Designer Anushree Reddy

While Anushree Reddy’s clothing range emphasises on young romance and plays with hues of pinks, and reds and yellows, Jade by Monicah & Karishma brings in a sense of elegance in the diverse range of clothes. The stellar list of designers includes Anuradha Vakil, Pallavi Jaikishan, Swati & Sunaina and Vineet Bahl.

The collection at Carma

The collection at Carma

Along with the launch of a re-imagined store, Lekha Poddar’s creation Carma also completes 25 years of its existence, and so the Poddar family beamed with happiness as they hosted a double-celebration. “I am very happy to be a part of this amazing journey,” she tells us. The iconic Carma store has witnessed drastic fashion shifts in all these years yet stands strong and vibrant to witness many more ahead.

Lekha Poddar with designer Aashdeen Loilawal

Lekha Poddar with designer Aashdeen Loilawal

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