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Introducing Avneesh Gadgil & his musical dictionary of emotions

Avneesh Gadgil’s music is driven by emotions, led by passion. The talented artiste opens up about his musical aspirations and how he plans to discover sounds never heard before. By Karan Bhardwaj

Avneesh Gadgil

Avneesh Gadgil, as photographed Aditya Bhutani

You may have heard background scores in films a lot but possibly never paid attention. That little music playing in the back of the screen makes that otherwise dull scene look real, soul-stirring and captivating. However, the power of sound is measured by a few. Musician Avneesh Gadgil is on the mission to bring that music right up in front. He is creating a dictionary of background scores dedicated to each emotion. For that, he comes back from his job at Wizcraft and locks himself in his home studio everyday to create intense pieces of music. The first track in his debut EP, Pie in the Sky, evokes passionate memories of love which never existed. He explains Born of Web the enigma of sound and his quest to discover music through life.

Why have you called your debut musical video Pie In The Sky?
One of the ideas was to show something which doesn’t exist in reality but it’s there in one’s mind. Pie In The Sky literally stands for reward that one gets after death. There’s an underling for something that should have happened but didn’t. The video is about a love story. The guy is imagining about nature of his relationship. He dives into his emotions for five minutes and explore all possibilities.

Avneesh Gadgil

Avneesh Gadgil

What are the other tracks in this EP?
There are two more tracks. Another one will be releasing in February. The complete EP is based on the similar concept. These tracks show you how you get into world of your wishes for a moment.

What is your basic drive?
I want to create a dictionary where music defines feelings. I want to create a bank of emotions. There should be pieces of music for, let’s say love, emptiness, or celebration. My music cannot be bracketed in one genre. It’s a blend of classical, electronic, soft pop or just a piano piece. That is my inspiration to create these background scores. I keep observing life and capture those little nuggets of human expression and translate them into music.

How do you plan to break stereotypes of sound?
I am planning to collaborate with artistes from different genres like art and photography. I want them to listen to my music and interpret it in their own canvas. That would be really thrilling.

Avneesh Gadgil

Avneesh Gadgil

How important is to stitch electronica with visual story?
When a song has lyrics, there’s a clear definition of narrative. With ambient electronic music, there can be different connotations. The video compliments the whole idea of the track. Through our EP, we are trying to show a world of emotional possibilities. But it is still open for interpretations. So many people have given me unique feedback. Like somebody heard it over a fag and started to think about his past relationship while the other found musical companionship on a mountain track.

How is the response so far? Is it inspired by your own story?
We have crossed 50k views since our release date. The song is already being bought over by Swedish blog. They profile underground labels and musicians. The other two videos will complete the journey of this EP. Pie in the Sky has definitely elements of my personal story. In my life, I regret of things that didn’t exist. But the melody came before the video. When I kept hearing it, I moved into the past and imagined a lot. So that’s how we pursued the creative backdrop.

What’s your exposure to music like?
My family is quite musical. My grandmother, Asha Gadgil, is a classical vocalist, my sister plays keyboard and my father is a great collector of retro music. So I have been exposed to all kinds of music since childhood. In college, I started deejaying. I would play at parties. The passion grew and I started playing at nightclubs. I learnt guitar also but I am totally addicted to sound synthesis. I believe creating new and original sounds is so really powerful and satisfying.

Bands/musicians you look up to?
I like what Sohrab Nicholson plays. I admire Nucleya for being able to make his own identity in Indian market. It is great for an Indian artiste to have his own position in EDM space.

What’s next?
I want to be seen as musician and grow in that space. I want people to relate to my music. I will also be participating at music fests.

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