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It was unimaginable to pick writing as career: Durjoy Datta

Well-known author Durjoy Dutta will be taking part at WIC Dehradun Community Literature Festival 2017. He spills the beans on love, life and more

Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta/Facebook

Your first book was released while you were in college. An author at young age, what triggered your passion for novel writing? 
I wrote blogs for a couple of years. I had never thought I would go on to write a book. Being a writer was never on the horizon even though I considered myself an avid reader (that’s one of the reasons why I started writing blogs). There was no one around who was earning a living writing novels so it was unimaginable to pick it as a career. I wrote my first book only because my blogger friends told me I could write one. Maybe they said the same thing to everyone but I took it seriously. It was a stroke of luck that I managed to snag a publisher really early and rather easily.

How did your family react?
They have always been supportive. They were a little concerned when I started out but now they are pretty much okay with what I do.

Which story in your books aligns the most with your own life story?
I think there are certain chunks in my books that reflect what and how I think. It’s hard to pick one. Though I would say the first book most resembled my life when I was writing it. Of course, I no longer connect with that book.

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You are also co-founder of Grapevine India, a big name in publishing now. How did you venture into publishing?
It was just for the love of books, nothing else. I wanted to spend more time reading them and writing them.

Your novels majorly revolve around narratives of love and romance, and we see varying notions of love and romance across generations. What’s your take on this synthesis of love?
I think it changes as you change as a person. There’s no specific definition for it. It’s fluid and my take on it will be something today and something entirely differently tomorrow!

As a person who started out very young in his career and gained fame, any message you would like to give to the young generation?
Just find something you like to do. You don’t have to necessarily aim to make it your career but there should always be something that defines you as a person.

Tell us about your upcoming ventures in novels or television. 
My next book is The Boy Who Loved. It’s the first part of what I aim to be a series of books. I’m still writing for television. There’s nothing on the horizon as of now in terms of movies.

Literature festivals provide a great platform for writers and literature enthusiasts to engage in insightful discussions. What drives you to be a part of Dehradun Community Literature Festival?
I love Dehradun. It’s like my second home. And I was a part of the first edition and it was a lot of fun to interact with readers and the writers who had attended it. The crowd was extremely responsive and engaging.

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