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Javed Akhtar has gone a rampage on Twitter, and it’s almost a week!

ON TWITTER RIGHT NOW: Javed Akhtar’s war of words is growing and he is brutally targetting almost every critic

Javed Akhtar is on a massive Twitter fight for almost a week. Though it not a new phenomenon for the celebrated lyricist and poet, this time he has decided to engage with his critics and give ‘tit for tat’. Actually, his thoughts on the burning topic of ‘Triple Talaq Bill’ have spilled into a larger heated argument on Hindu and Muslim religious practices and laws. And now, it is gradually slipping into even other pity discussions, like some Twitter folks are targetting Javed on ‘plagiarism in Sholay‘, while others are suspecting if his wife Shabana Azmi is tweeting using his handle.

What is rather shocking Javed’s followers in this episode are his blunt and inflammatory replies. Here are some of the tweets from the conversations:








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