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Karan Johar has come up with the most absurd argument on nepotism that nobody is buying

After auditioning nationwide for SOTY 2, Karan Johar says the only girls who are ‘not bad’ are those with a ‘connection’ 

Karan Johar

Karan Johar

Ever since Kangana Ranaut attacked Karan Johar on his chat show for endorsing nepotism in Bollywood, the film-maker has been defending himself on multiple platforms. In yet another such attempt, he has come up with an opinion piece ‘In Defence of My Nepotism‘ on NDTV. In a rather bizarre explanation, KJo declared that he is not being able to find an appropriate face for the sequel of Student of the Year 2. According to him, the only girls who are not bad are those with a ‘connection’. He also stated that he might launch Shah Rukh Khan’s son if he appears to ‘gain’ from it commercially.

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However, as expected, Twitteratis are in no mood to buy any of his arguments and have given it back to the producer. Here are some tweets in response to KJo’s note that we found worth sharing!


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