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Lady Gaga sued for plagiarism

A French artist has got the pop singer in trouble for a hefty amount for plagiarism


Lady Gaga via Facebook

WHAT: Pop singer Lady Gaga has been sued for plagiarism by French video artist Orlan (Mireille Porte) for a hefty amount of $31.7 million.

WHY: The French artist claims that the strange lumps on the singer’s face in video Born This Way was inspired by her works. Orlan is known for her plastic surgery kind of work.

WHEN: The lawsuit was earlier filed in 2013 in Paris for Born This Way which came out in 2011. Now it has been filed in the US earlier this week, as reported by Dazed.

LATEST: Lady Gaga’s team has reacted saying that the move is motivated to garner press coverage.

Read full report here!

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Watch Born This Way and find out if there’s any truth in Orlan’s claims.

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