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‘Leggings, scanty clothes are taking us to dinosaur age’

A nasty comment on Yahoo's website

A nasty comment on Yahoo’s website

Following a Tamil magazine’s attempt of shaming women who wear leggings, some mind-boggling comments have come up favouring the article.


Kumadam Reporter shaming women wearing leggings Image via Twitter @beastoftraal

WHAT: A Tamil magazine, named Kumudam Reporter is our new moral guardian. In its latest issue, they have criticised women for wearing leggings. Yes, that piece of clothing which are tight, stick to the legs and thighs and most women wear it below kurtas.
VISION: According to the visionaries in the magazine, leggings are against the ethos of our culture. The men get aroused seeing such garments. The story is the result of a ban on leggings in some colleges in Tamil Nadu. And so the magazine, in its infinite wisdom, went ahead and clicked pictures of women wearing leggings (obviously without their knowledge) and splashed it across their pages without revealing their faces. There is also a poem from an anonymous writer, obviously male, stating that since men cannot change and will continue ogling at women, it is better women should change themselves. And they change their wardrobe too according to the whims and fancies of molesters.
BETWEEN THE LINES: It is interesting to note how the magazine, which often publishes pictures of half-naked actresses and small-time models, is telling women what to wear. It doesn’t matter that the sari, often considered the garment of Indian tradition, reveals a better part of female anatomy than what a kurta and leggings will ever reveal. Now who can tell the custodians of our culture that it isn’t the garment that makes a man ogle at a woman. Rather it is his very weak values.

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OUR TAKE: And if Tamil Nadu ( the colleges and the magazine) seriously wants to impose some dress code then it should ask its men not to expose their hairy limbs beneath the flimsy lungi. What if we get aroused? For we too are alpha females with hormones doing their job effectively. For once can women decide what to wear, what not to wear and how to wear. Please spare us. Haven’t you heard that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So does lust!



I whole-heartedly support the article. Women in India and specially western world indulge in scanty clothes displaying their belly, breast, cleavage, back etc. and I feel they are moving back to dinausaur age. People were civilised and started covering the bodies, but the culture adopted by women, educated & illiterate , is deplorable. Skin tight leggings definitely look vulgar (sic)

Finally INDIAN Culture blending with Western culture.. Sensible information has been given by KUMUDHAM,,,, Indian women do know to wear what to wear and when to wear…PUKING and drunk and messed up western culture in Bangalore is also an information too..THANKS KUMUDHAM for the Information (sic)

Whats wrong in reporting the truth?

Why you fatty people wears leggings yaar… Making fun yourself in public… It doesn’t suits you… Wear something which can be appreciated by everyone around you.. Not copying others like if she’s wearing thn I will also wear… Lolzzz… Fatty elephant… Acche ke liye bol rahi Hu my all sisters… Change it n start eating less n go to gym (sic)




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