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LFW Controversy: Designer Gaurang Shah accuses debut designer of plagiarism

Before you reach the conclusion, take a look below at images from Gaurang Shah and Shailesh Singhania’s runway shows

Gaurang Shah

Gaurang Shah at Lakme Fashion Week/Image Courtesy/Scroll down to look at the controversial collection

The Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017  has just ended on a controversial note. Textile designer Gaurang Shah has levelled plagiarism charges against debutant designer Shailesh Singhania. According to an IANS report, published on BS, Shah has accused the newcomer of presenting the ‘exact copy’ of his 2012 collection.

“Each one of the fashion pieces had striking resemblance to my Calico designs (presented at the LFW Summer/Resort 2012 show),” Gaurang Shah told IANS‘ senior fashion columnist Nivedita Sharma. He added that the clothing and silhouette of the overall look of Singhania’s collection are a complete rip-off. “While I would love many designers to join and accelerate the Khadi wave, what is important is to be original and create freshness rather than repeating. What is disheartening is blatant copying, that not only lets us down as a designer, but also beats the very purpose of sustainability,” he was quoted as saying.

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However, Hyderabad-based Shailesh Singhania has refuted the charges saying that such allegations can only ‘demoralise younger designers from working with handloom.’ Highlighting the concept of sustainability, the designer’s controversial collection titled Actuality of Consonance: Khadi takes cue from nature, and uses Khadi Jamdani technique.

“For my debut show, I wanted to create something close to my heart and belief. I fail to understand how I can be accused of copying. What have I copied? The Khadi weave? Jamdani technique? The birds? The flowers? What is in my line that is exclusive to the accusing designer,” he was quoted as saying.

We leave up to you to decide who’s right or wrong with the images of both the collections.

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Gaurang Shah

Shailesh SInghania’s controversial collection at LFW


Gaurang Shah

Gaurang Shah’s Calico designs at LFW

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