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(Exclusive) Neha Dhupia: ‘Being wet down till your underwear and pretending like you’re enjoying is the hardest’

Guess what is the most challenging part for Neha Dhupia of working in films? You will die laughing! Find out it out & more in our latest vlog with the super cool actor.

On her recent visit to Delhi, for the MTV Rodies Rising auditions, Neha Dhupia said that she’s all prepped with the strategy to go with the show. While she didn’t share the strategy as “the other boys would get to know”, we asked her about the strategy with which she survives in an industry which might get tough to deal with sometimes. While she’s proud to be a part of an industry that “puts India on a global platform in a major way”, she readily shares parts where the pretending gets too much. “When it comes to India, only two things come to the foreigners’ minds- Namaste & Bollywood,” she says with pride.

Talking about the misses in her acting career, Neha believes that it’s her wit and entertaining-self that allows her to pick her up each time she falls. As an example she said, “After watching Santa Banta I was like ‘What the f**k’ (with an amusing expression).”

There’s a lot more interesting things that she says in the video including the qualities she’s looking for in a roadie to be a part of MTV Roadies Rising; the 14th season of the reality show.

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