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PLAGIARISM ROW: Nida Mahmood accuses a leading retail chain of stealing her designs

Fashion designer Nida Mahmood says the leading brand told her she has forfeited her own design by using it multiple times for a long time. By Karan Bhardwaj

Nida Mahmood

(left) Nida Mahmood’s original dress; (right) Brand’s kurti in their Lucknow store

Designer Rohit Bal’s call for a social media campaign against copycat behaviour seems to be getting louder. After the veteran designer slammed Seema Mehta for blatantly copying his design, it is Nida Mahmood who has uploaded another shocking Facebook status, accusing a leading retail chain of stealing her popular designs. However, she has refrained from naming the brand.

While talking to Born of Web over the phone, Mahmood shared she had sent a legal notice to the brand but their response outraged her. “I was aghast to read their 10-page response. According to the brand, I forfeit my own design as I have used it multiple times. What kind of argument is this?” she said.

The design in question was created by Nida Mahmood in her Junglee Billee collection around two years ago. The designer was shocked when she recently spotted a kurti in similar design at the brand’s store at an airport. “After that, I visited their stores in Delhi and found those kurtis everywhere. I sent somebody to check out their store in Lucknow as well, which too had stocked the same collection. It was selling on their website also,” informed Mahmood.

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Nida Mahmood

The controversial piece on the website of the brand. Take a close look at the image and guess the brand’s name!

The designer said she is considering further legal action against the brand. But she mentioned that the brand seems to have take the collection off the racks. It’s not even showing on their website now. A close look at the website’s screenshot uploaded by Mahmood on her Facebook, vaguely reveals the brand’s name (check the image above).

Read Nida Mahmood’s full Facebook Status below:

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