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OMG! 421 Jagermiester shots, 421 ft high & a record-breaking domino trail

Bartenders at Bangalore’s High Ultra Lounge set the largest domino trail of 421 Jagermiester shots at an incredible height of 421 feet

Domino trail

Domino trail by High Ultra Lounge

It was a perfect trailblazing moment for Bangaloreans as city’s High Ultra Lounge, also known as the tallest lounge & bar in South Asia, organised a knee-buckling domino trail of 421 shots. The lounge, located at an incredible height of 421 feet, scaled its height literally with 421 Jagermiester shots amid whistles and applause. Now that’s also a record of sorts as the activity is all set to be registered in the Limca Book of Records.

The city people regularly throng the lounge for a breathtaking view of the city from High View. With this record, the Lounge has also unveiled its retro-themed Sunday brunch.

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