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Purnam Exhibition’s Summer Festive fiesta has a starry line-up of leading Indian designers

Leading industry pioneers such as Madhu Jain, Rina Dhaka, Sonam Dubal, Samant Chauhan, Charu Parashar and Blossom Kochhar will showcase their collections at Purnam Exhibition


Purnam exhibition features Madhu Jain, Samant Chauhan, Rina Dhaka, Sonam Dubal, Blossom Kochhar and other industry pioneers

To be held on Friday, 20th July 2018 at The Ashok, New Delhi, the exhibition will bring together a mix of exhibitors – on one hand, India’s biggest couturiers who define fashion trends, and on the other, talented, indigenous artisans and entrepreneurs who may not have an organized means to sell, thus opening them to an unlimited number of buyers they would not meet otherwise. So, while there are exhibitors from Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, one also gets to witness the beauty of products from Hisar, and Varanasi on the other.



(l-r) Purnam co-founders-Jani Dhingra, Indu Gupta, Sarita Baluja and Saroj Bhatia

In a day and age, when dialogues on women empowerment are driving change, Purnam is setting a benchmark of sorts. The four spirited co-founders – Saroj Bhatia, Jani Dhingra, Indu Gupta and Sarita Baluja – each in their 60’s and 70’s, are powerhouses who haven’t let age and the prospect of a comfortable retired life come in the way of their passion. They not only spearhead these exhibitions but are also active volunteers for NGO Akshya Pratisthan.  

We believe that you make a living with what you get but you make a life with what you give. That is what truly drove us to do what we are doing today. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said,  ‘A woman is like a teabag. You never know how strong she is until she is put in hot water.’ We believed in ourselves and what we wanted to do, and here we are!” say the strong four.



Sonam Dubal’s collection to be showcased at Purnam Exhibition 2018

India’s leading couturiers ~ Madhu Jain, Rina Dhaka, Sonam Dubal, Samant Chauhan and Charu Parashar ~ will be showing at a special designer lounge at the exhibition, curated by Born of Web. Madhu Jain, a well-known textile revivalist will present rare bamboo silk ikat creations while designers Sonam Dubal and Samant Chauhan will once again spread the richness of Indian textiles. Oh, and one can’t miss the chic resort wear by designer Charu Parashar. Rina Dhaka’s rich legacy of textiles also come alive at the expo.



A still from Charu Parashar’s fashion show

Purnam takes pride not only in supporting emerging entrepreneurs but also giving back to the society by supporting credible and local NGOs. The exhibition provides a free platform to NGOs to sell the creative products made by the communities they support. Some of the regulars at the exhibitions are Akshya Pratisthan, Guild for Service, Trash to Cash and Antarkranti. From providing employment for the specially-abled to helping the widows of Vrindavan live a life of dignity, these NGOs do some beautiful work and Purnam in its capacity does its very best to help them. Not only does Purnam provide a free platform, proceeds from the exhibition are also donated to NGO’s.

EVENT: Summer Festive 2018, An exhibition with a cause
WHEN: July 20,2018
WHERE: The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri, Delhi

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