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Raghav Meattle, the Stage 2 finalist, on quitting his corporate job for music

Raghav Meattle, who acquired fame with his phenomenal performances at The Stage 2 talks about his music journey so far and his plans for the future

Raghav Meattle

Raghav Meattle, finalist of The Stage 2

After the tremendous success of its second edition, the singing reality show, The Stage 2 aired on Colors Infinity kicked off its multi-city tour on 22nd February 2017, taking a great step for providing budding English singing artists a platform to exhibit their true potential before the Indian audience.

The four-city tour saw The Stage 2 winner Sharvi Yadav, along with three finalists N Arunaja, Natasha Sehgal and Raghav Meattle perform live for their fans at Hard Rock Café in Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai. The musical journey that commenced on 22 February in Delhi concluded on 2 March in Mumbai.

The finalists were at the Hard Rock Cafe, Gurugram on the first leg of their tour. Just a few hours before their energy laden gigs at the cafe, we met the green-eyed heartthrob, Raghav Meattle who charmed us with his singing skills and persona.

In conversation with BOW, Raghav, who hails from Mumbai has already recorded a few songs for Rayban and Yash Raj Studios. He talks about his realisation of pursuing music as a career post his engagement with The Stage. “I love what I’m doing right now and I think time will tell what would happen in the future. I have given myself time to do what I want to, and I hope things work out. Things are happening and I’m doing a lot of gigs apart from The Stage tour. So keep supporting me and I hope I make a career in music”, says the excited Raghav who doesn’t regret quitting his corporate job as he’d been busy with the shoot of Stage 2. “I’ve faced challenges everywhere. Back in college, there were times when we (the band) would win a competition and were supposed get an amount of 20,000 but eventually got nothing. Now I am picky about the gigs I do”, he adds.

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Raghav during his gig at the Hard Rock Cafe

His journey on the show was not an easy one, as unlike him the other contestants had received classical and professional training. “I felt challenged at all times but I got to learn a lot”, he says. The show also made him perform with other contestants which he believes made him more versatile with singing. “When another person comes in and helps you out, that makes a big difference to your singing”, he adds.

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Raghav is currently working on Meattle & Malik which is an electro-acoustic project alongside producer/guitarist Nikhil Malik. He plans onto collaborating with multiple instrumentalists for his project and plans onto travelling the world with his music.

Watch Raghav’s full interview to know more about his musical journey :


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