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Ramola Bachchan on expanding lifestyle exposition business, Housefull 2017 & more

Lifestyle entrepreneur Ramola Bachchan talks about expanding exposition business, and how market has been affected by recent financial reforms like demonetisation and GST

Ramola Bachchan

Ramola Bachchan/Courtesy

What inspired you to set up interior expo Housefull?
We started the lifestyle exhibition, Runway Rising, in 2012 for NextGen designers. A lot of home decor brands showed interest to participate in that show, so it just clicked that we should create a new show dedicated to the decor category.

How does Housefull provide opportunity to the best of interior labels and designers?
Home owners, newlyweds and just about anyone who is looking to shop, visits the show and find brands under one roof! Companies want to sell their products – exhibitors are a cost-effective way of meeting hundreds of potential clients, understanding how they think about your products and prices and ultimately generating sales. It is not only a selling opportunity but also networking opportunity for the exhibitors.

Here’s all you have to know about luxury decor exhibition ‘Housefull’ by Ramola Bachchan

Can you share some challenges while organising the exposition?
With the demonetisation, followed by the roll out of the GST, a lot of brands were unsure about participating as the GST imposed on many décor companies has risen to 28 per cent. However we were able to convince the brands to participate as everyone who has a business is looking for good opportunities to sell their products, and with the footfall at the show, this was definitely one such.

In terms of market, how does the expo perform? Can you share some success stories?
This is the fourth year of the show, each year a percentage of last year’s visitors return and new visitors come for the first time. We estimate 4,000+ visitors this year. Quoting Archana Van Gils of AVG Architecture en Interiors, who participated for the first time in the exhibition this year, with the overwhelming response she has received, she is already looking forward to it next year and would take up double the space next year to create an even better experience for the customers.

What are the trends emanating from this year’s exposition? What are the must-haves for interior lovers?
This year we have seen a rise of decor that’s bold without being too much in-the-face. Also with a restrictive financial situation, everyone is looking for cost-effective solutions. Housefull offers lots of designs to interior lovers not only in terms of décor but also architecture. These aesthetic designs outline the basic rules of usability and design.

(Born of Web is the digital partner with Housefull 2017)


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