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Ranveer Singh continues to flaunt handlebar moustache

The actor has always impressed with his daring sartorial choices. Sanjeev Kumar captures candid moments during a recent promotional outing in Delhi 

handlebar moustache

Ranveer Singh sporting handlebar moustache during his Delhi outing for Bajirao Mastani / Born of Web

Well, there have been several reports how Ranveer Singh is totally in owe of his handlebar moustaches. He considers his moustache a lucky mascot and has decided to don this look for quite sometime. “I’m attracted to my beard and moustache. I love the complete look and the twists and twirls,” he told us earlier. And why not? After all, it takes over a year to develop this sexy moustache. So when he came to Delhi to promote his next film, Bajirao Mastani, he sported similar look what he would have for a couple of years by now.

handlebar moustache

That’s how a man should ideally show off fashion/Born of Web

As usual, the perfect entertainer also impresses with his daring sartorial choices. Be it smartly-tailored suits, well-fitted traditional garments or playful prints, he pulls everything with panache that fashion creatives have come up with so far. Not to forget, the charming lady in his life, who also happens to be his co-star in the movie, Deepika Padukone, is equally blatant in his fashion sense. Check out the images here :)

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handlebar moustache

They look so pretty together! Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone/Born of Web

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handlebar moustache

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone/Born of Web

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handlebar moustache

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone/Born of Web


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