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Ready to face backlash over my next novel: Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta’s next novel has begun to create stir even before its formal announcement. We have learnt it is a story of inter-religious romance and the author is expecting hue and cry in the volatile atmosphere today. “My publishers warned me but I wanted to take this risk,” he told Born of Web. We spoke to the young author at the Dehradun Community Literature Festival 2017 where he also disccused why writers should be supportive of each other. In fact, we reported earlier how this issue also led to ‘Durjoy’s only grudge against Chetan Bhagat’. “I think writers should encourage their fans and readers to pick up books by fellow authors as well. They speak a lot about social and political issues but hardly motivate their own fraternity members,” he said.

Check out our interview with Durjoy Datta explaining the context of his next novel, favourite authors and much more!

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