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Exclusive Vlog: Reynu Taandon gives the low-down on her Rajasthan-inspired bridal collection

Reynu Taandon captures all things Rajasthan in her latest bridal collection. She explains more in this video

Reynu Taandon’s latest bridal collection Kamangiri takes cue from Rajasthan. The designer is inspired by Rajasthani women, intricate work on their outfits and even the way they carry themselves. Taandon put up the collection at her Defence Colony story in Delhi after fabulous show at recently-concluded FDCI India Couture Week 2016. In this video, the designer gives the lowdown on key elements of the collection. Embracing her creation was supermodel Krishna Somani who exuded elegance as she strolled around in an incredible lehenga. Check out the video above!

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Joining Reynu Taandon at the launch were her close friends from the fashion circle. Check out our exclusive gallery:


Reynu Taandon

Model Krishna Somani for Reynu Taandon

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Reynu Taandon

Bharti, Tanira and Sunil Sethi

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Reynu Taandon

Reynu with daughter Nikhita Taandon

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Reynu Taandon

Meghali Gupta

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Reynu Taandon

Ramola Bachchan and Tanisha Mohan

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Reynu Taandon

Reynu Taandon & Sonal Jindal

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Reynu Taandon

Taru Verma and Nishi Singh


Reynu Taandon

Vineeta and Meghali Gupta











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