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Saif Ali Khan may change son Taimur’s name, but there is one condition..

Saif Ali Khan says he might change his son Taimur’s name if it makes him unpopular. But he wonders why people are fine with ‘Shah Rukh’, the monstrous son of emperor Timur

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan/ Source and Shah Rukh Khan/ Source

Since the birth of their son, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, have been encapsulated in a moral and political dilemma regarding his name. The couple drew flak, mostly online, after they called his son Taimur, a controversial emperor in the Indian history. However, in his latest interview to The Times of India, Saif stated that he might change his son’s name if it makes him unpopular. “If I feel that he is going to get into trouble in school, I might change it still,” he was quoted as saying. Saif also revealed he wrote an apology letter to all critics but later dropped the idea.

The controversy regarding the name is a play on the pronunciation of Timur and Taimur. Saif pointed out that historically, Shah Rukh, the son of Timur, was the mastermind behind the plunder and sinister events in India, but this has never created an issue. “My daughter told me, why don’t you say that you have not named him after Timur Lang, say that’s Timur and this is Taimur. I said it still sounds similar. She says just say they have same roots. The name is nice and it sounds good and it means something nice but it is not named after that guy. Well, yes, the name is the same, but the name also predates the person called Timur Lang. Incidentally, Timur Lang’s son was Shah Rukh, who is the guy who supposedly said we should actually plunder India. A lot of fighting was done by his sons, but nobody has a problem with the name Shah Rukh (laughs),” he was quoted as saying.

Read full interview here!

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