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(Exclusive) Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim & his friend’s banter on Instagram is INSANE!

Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim and his Russian friend went live on Instagram, with no holds barred. We loved it even as fans asked if they were high on drinks or drugs. Watch the video below!

Ibrahim Ali Khan

Ibrahim Ali Khan

Those who are following Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan on social media won’t be surprised by this news. The star son keeps posting goofy stuff online, and we all love it. Maybe, that’s how Chhote Nawab chills out on social media. But it was the WTF moment for Ibrahim’s fans when they found him interacting with fans live on Instagram, no holds barred. On the Republic Day’s midnight, when the entire country was taking pride in India’s culture and military and technical advancements, Ibrahim dared to joke that he hates India. “India rocks… It doesn’t actually. I hate India. I’m kidding,” he said. LOL! In the video, his Russian friend called Ibrahim his boyfriend and a retarded fellow. LOL, again!

Both the boys were seemingly drunk and were quite maniac throughout their interaction before the live audience. So, their banters should definitely not be taken seriously. Some 200-300 people were connected through the stream. Ibrahim was heard abusing, jumping on the floor, showing slippers and what he was wearing to his live audience. “He’s high,” Dimitri said defending his friend’s ackward demeanour. When asked by fans his whereabouts, Ibrahim refused to reveal his location.

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FANS WERE SHOCKED: While some of Ibrahim’s fans enjoyed the drama, others were definitely not impressed by the midnight drama. It was funny that viewers asked the boys to call it a day. As expected, some fans were offended on religious grounds, others accused Ibrahim of forgetting and maligning Indian culture.

Well, all we can say is that it was fun and should not be blown out of proportion. See you soon Ibrahim, on Instagram!

Watch the video below:

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