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‘Small films pay me better than big productions’: Manoj Bajpayee

“Big production houses do not have roles and pay that suit me”

Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee in Delhi/Born of Web

Why doesn’t Bollywood care about Manoj Bajpayee? The national award-winning actor has delivered multiple memorable films in his career of more than two decades but is rarely visible in big-budgeted movies backed by ace production houses. Bajpayee doesn’t give a damn either. When poked on being not seen in so-called big productions, he promptly said, “Big films do not have roles and pay that suit me. On the other hand, small films give me meatier roles with better pay which is much more full-filling than anything else.”

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The talented actor is busy touring cities to promote Budhia Singh: Born to Run, a film based on marathon miracle Budhia Singh. He admits he has come a long way from days of carrying movie pamphlets and brochures for scribes himself to being chased by them for exclusive interviews. However, success has not got into his head. He is as frank and upfront as he was ever before recognition. “Earlier I had to carry magazines with me for publicity of the movie. I would talk to journalists, hold a press conference and roam around myself for promotional activities. Today, there is a total change in how movies are marketed,” he said.

Budhia Singh-Born To Run is inspired by real life story of the youngest marathon runner who covered 65 kms at the age of four. But the boy who used to run 70 kms is now in darkness with no mentor to guide. “We do not have good networking system for athletes. We need change at the root levels. Each and every child needs a Biranchi Das (mentor of Budhia Singh) which is lacking today. Unfortunately, required guidance and shaping is not there.” Also because “mentors in India are not getting their due as there is no support system.”

He said he is not promoting just film but the cause behind it and is also expecting support from the government. Sir, we echo your sentiments!

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