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Stop objectification of women in popular culture right now!

New media brigade should have a clear head on why a nude selfie should be shared with the audience, writes Karan Bhardwaj 

objectification of women

A still from the video/YouTube/Scroll down to watch the video

A powerful video against objectification of women in popular culture is going viral on the Internet. Released by Women Not Objects, it shows how women are being tricked into objectification by meaningless buzz words and campaigns that slyly and mostly brazenly, expose them to the wrong idea of feminism. Some examples of shameless objectification of women by brands and media vehicles are also being shared. In the video, women are also seen commenting on this dangerous trend as they air their unadulterated reactions to some of their real life experiences.

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At Born of Web, we vehemently believe that objectification of women in popular culture is largely practised in annals of ill-devised contents. We also strongly believe that men or women are sole authority of their bodies and should be allowed to carry themselves as per their choice. Unfortunately, the discussion of objectification is also related to slut-shaming in an ugly fashion. However, the problem lies in interpretations. The most recent was Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie where she was criticised and shamed for exposing her body. However, a lot of people missed nuanced remark that the objective of the nude selfie was largely to liberate one from body-shaming and slut-shaming.

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The society is at a threshold, where there’s a clear between traditions and modernity. In such times, we have to think twice in positioning our content before it goes out in public and social media. We should avoid tantalising taste of our readers by placing ill-conceived feeds from popular culture.

The fact that even mainstream media, forget tabloids and creepy websites, jumped on the nude selfie and used it as a tool to drive traffic while not supporting it with appropriate commentary was a disgusting and cheap attempt at objectification. Just look at how the Internet wings of the top media houses in India presented the nude selfie before readers and you will have an idea of our frustration.

While posting nude art, we expect our peers to discuss clearly the intention of the article as well as the photographs. Nude art is an extremely sharp method to instigate message and tacky foreplay in its presentation can totally ruin aesthetics and make it look tasteless.

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