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Suhel Seth’s witty punch to a Britisher: Indians know English better than You

During a discussion titled ‘Hamlet’s Dilemma’ at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival, Suhel Seth took a dig at British theatre director Tim Supple, which left Supple embarrassed. Supple was making a point that theatre and texts are better ways to present Hamlet as he quoted differences between ‘cinema adaptations’ and ‘theatre translations’. He said that Shakespeare’s various works, which originated in England, have been translated in various languages over the world. Suhel, who’s known for his witty remarks, immediately interrupted Supple by saying that British now wants a copyright on literature as well. He added that Indians now know better English than British.”Most people in India speak correct English than the English themselves. We still believe in Wren n Martin book of grammar while you have ditched it long back. We now contribute more words to Oxford dictionary so we are introducing you to the English language,” said Seth. An amused Supple got up from his chair and banged the floor jokingly. “I’m here as an artiste and I live in the world of theatre, not just London,” he said.



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