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Jaipur Diaries: Take a look at Jaipur Jewellery Design Festival!

We attended Jaipur’s most-talked about jewellery show recently, which has gained national and global attention in its successful run of 14 years. Every visitors was going high on a jewellery rush as latest designs were dangling all over the place. This year, at Jaipur Jewellery Show 2017, the organisers put together an interesting exhibit called Jaipur Jewellery Design Festival, which brought forth a great mix of city’s history and arts, jewellery designers, watch companies, varsities and craftsmen along with conferences and live workshops. The entire concept was woven by Sonal Sawan Sukha, Ankit Lodha and Nainish Grover.

Born of Web spoke to Sonal Sawan Sukha in a Facebook Live chat about the concept, festival and her own brand, Jewel Saga.

It won’t be incorrect to call Jaipur Jewllery Show as the ultimate Kumbh Mela of jewellery, where jewellers, buyers, agents, trend-setters, media gather. Here’s a short image gallery of some jewllery designs that we shared on Instagram!

At the live workshop by craftsmen and goldsmiths, we met one interesting electronics engineer from Jaipur, who has combined her hobby of pottery with crafts to create jewellery. “More than jewellery, it is also a medium for me to raise my voice against gender discrimination and violence against women,” she told Born of Web. Wonder how? Check out the Insta post below! 

“Yes Means Yes, No Means No,” reads the pendant that she is wearing, making a strong statement in favour of women empowerment. Electronics engineer by profession, Maila is a gorgeous Jaipur girl who has married her serious hobby of blue pottery with crafts, and is now making amazing jewellery in association with craftsmen. We met her at the ongoing @jaipurjewellerydesignfestival ✌ @born_of_web #ItsAllHappening .. .. #Jewellery #JaipurDiaries #instagood #Necklaces #Diamonds #jewelsofJaipur #jaipurjewelleryshow #jaipurjewellerybazaar #JaipurJewellerydesignfestival #JJDF #jaipurlove #JJS #designfestival #celebrationofart #Worldofjewellery #Indiainspired #BOWxJewellery #Pottery #JaipurBlogger #jaipurcity #Jewelleryblogger #IndianJewelleryBlogger #Crafts

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And yes, this journey would be incomplete without mentioning this amazing food brand Meraaki Kitchen, run by twon young girls from Jaipur. They fed us with some amazing delicacies. Check below for the Insta picture!

@bornofwebfood (repost)・・ Thank you @meraakikitchen for whetting our appetite with some lip-smacking delicacies 😘😘 📷 @bhardwajkaran @born_of_web . . @jaipurjewellerydesignfestival @jaipurjewelleryshow #Daulatramkichaat #myfoodstory #yum #jaipurjewellerydesignfestival #jaipurjewelleryshow #JJDF #JJS #foodiegram #dailyfoodfeed #instayum #feedfeed #chef #truecooks #foodgasm #yougottaeatthis #bestfoods #eats #igfood #goodeats #foodphotography #yummie #foodbloggers #f52grams #eeeeeats #thebestfood #eatfamous #foodstagram #buzzfeedfood #eattheworld @thefeedfeed @desi_diaries @vogueindia @feminaindia @bbcgoodfood @cuisinesworld @thefeedfeed @food_glooby @cookinglight @walkwithindia @buzzfeedfood @healthycuisines @foodblogfeed @real_simple @hautescuisines @food52 @thekitchn @betterhomesandgardens @nehadeepakshah @shivikakothari @born_of_web @akshupakshu @thakurlavli @anshu8731

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