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The colours to be in vogue this Autumn Winter!

WGSN has released its trend report for the approaching season. Rashima Nagpal brings you interesting facets 

Needless to say but with every new season, the fashion industry sets new trends and every trend is marked by a palette of colours. The mood of the season and the colours almost go hand-in-hand; each reflecting upon the other. With the help of WGSN’s trend analysis and reports, we’ve gathered for you the ‘colour update’ for the forthcoming seasons.

Autumn-Winter 16/17

The AW’16/17 collection for women and young women talks of motifs such as ‘remaster’ and ‘elemental’. The core of the former motif lies in its outdoor green and dark espresso tones. Marked by casual opulence and rich depth, these core tones enhance the luxurious fabrics of the season. Coming to the ‘fashion colours’ of the season, while drawing room red and antique peach communicate rich intensity, egyptian blue and peacock green set the trend in high-street fashion. Furthermore, for that exquisite dash of opulence, a fired-up scarelet is the colour that proves out to a strong accent colour.

Fashion Trends

Source: Vogue

Talking about the core of ‘elemental’ motif, the colours that offer an essential refreshed sense of feminity to the season are the simple tones of pale aqua and stone grey in combination with subtle use of sandstone and off-white. Well, elemental fashion colours are all about a little playfulness. Gold moss and canyon rose be that light-hearted combination and are apparently the key to AW’ 16/17. These hues are believed to possess a non-orthodox character giving way to a simple, non-conformist vibe.

Fashion Trends

Tones in aqua and sandstone

Spring-Summer 17

‘Digital Wave’ is predicted to be the essential motif of the approaching season. Concrete and rich navy together form out to be an impactful core colour resonating the motif. Offering a commanding view on alternatives to black, these tones revisit the classic combination with renewed dynamism. From clean silhouettes to layers, they’re expected to be seen in them all. As part of the fashion colours, an uncompromising combination of machine red and black plum echoes the bold message of Digital Wave. What comes out as the defining accent colour for this motif is electric fuchsia. The colour proves to create a confident and elevated level for women’s wear. The same tone is known to balance a graphic quality with an intensity best suited to suede and leather.

Fashion trends

Fuchsia pink leather jacket


WGSN is a global foresight business. Their experts provide deep insight and analysis of consumer, fashion and design trends. They inspire their clients to plan and trade their range with unparalleled confidence and accuracy. Considering the rapidly evolving fashion economy in India, WGSN seeks to flourish the Indian fashion industry like never before. WGSN has already taken first strides in publishing India specific reports. Furthermore, WGSN and Technopak are researching with clients to gather insights on how to further increase the local content for the South Asian market. This could be in the form of local coverage, designs or consumer and market intelligence. Paul Coxhill, CMO at WGSN was in the Capital recently and shared a part of his vision for the Indian markets.

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