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This Bollywood actress was asked to ‘compromise’ by a celebrity manager. In return, she shamed him on Facebook

German-Russian actress Elena Kazan, who has worked with the likes of Saif Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda and Naseeruddin Shah, shared a disgusting message she received by a celebrity manager. By Karan Bhardwaj

Elena Kazan

Elena Kazan & Saif Ali Khan in Agent Vinod

Foreign actors or models trying to seek work in India go through a lot of problems. In fact, casting couch is no big deal in glamour industry. From Ranveer Singh to Kalki Koechlin, a lot of top actors have shared their shocking stories of embarrassing situations where they were expected to compromise but they walked out bluntly. In yet another embarrassing incident, Elena Kazan, a German-Russian actress working in Hindi films, has revealed a disgusting message sent by a so-called celebrity manager to ‘compromise’ with his client in exchange of a hefty amount of money.

Kazan has been featured in Indian films such as Saif Ali Khan starrer Agent Vinod, Naseeruddin Shah-Randeep Hooda starrer John Day & Arfi Lamba’s Prague.

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Elena Kazan

Elena Kazan & Randeep Hooda in John Day

Kazan took the screenshot of the message, sent by a self-proclaimed celebrity manager named Sumit, and shared it with her friends on Facebook, invoking massive outrage. Here’s the screenshot of the message:

Elena Kazan

A screenshot of the creepy message as shared by Elena Kazan. We are intentionally not hiding the mobile number

A little investigation on Facebook reveals that this guy has been hunting for ‘hot girls’ and models for various photo shoots and work assignments. In her responses to her friends on Facebook, Kazan has refused to lodge any police complaint. “I think, this will be shaming enough for now, people are calling and messaging Sumit already. That should make him think and he will have to change his phone number. Best to solve these things ourselves and let the police do real police work (sic),” she wrote. However, she even shared WhatsApp DP (Display Picture) of this ‘celebrity manager’. Here it is!

Elena Kazan

This is what people do besides devotion to goddesses

Disclaimer: We couldn’t speak with Elena or Sumit either. The story is based on the Facebook status of the actress.

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