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This song warns of a world without children!

Because the smallest coffins are the heaviest…


A Syrian child via Nadia AbuShaban

More than 11,000 children died in Syria’s Civil War.
More than 5,000 children beheaded with chainsaws in Nigeria. 
Over 4,00,000 children killed in Afghanistan.
132 children were killed in Peshawar school bloodbath.

More than 200 million children killed so far!

So do we want this world without children?

Bollywood’s award-winning music duo Salim-Sulaiman have released a single to pay tribute to children around the world. Titled Khalipan, the single is meant to create awareness and instill compassion for children, painting a sordid picture of a world without children.

“In December 2014 both sulaiman and I went through a change when we heard about the horrific attack on little children in a school in Peshawar. To imagine what the lives of the parents would be after their children never came back home that afternoon from school was indeed very traumatic. Their emptiness and the emptiness of thousands of families suffering without their near and dear ones especially children made us compose Khalipan. It’s a dedication to children of the world which we want to release on the 22nd of August.”
— Salim Merchant

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Salim-Sulaiman are part of Qyuki, a multichannel network that aims to help artists create content and monetise it.



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