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ICW 2017: Wardrobe malfunction mars Alia Bhatt’s dreamlike walk at Manish Malhotra’s show

Overlooking the glass floor beneath his feet, Manish Malhotra adjusted Alia Bhatt’s skirt that led to wardrobe malfunction

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt suffers wardrobe malfunction at Manish Malhotra show/SHAZID CHAUHAN

The much-hyped Manish Malhotra’s couture show at the week-long India Couture Week 2017 ended on rather an embarrassing note with showstopper Alia Bhatt suffering unexpected wardrobe malfunction. Alia’s floor-sweeping skirt was nothing short of a magnum opus that needed four boys to adjust its trail before the actress sashayed down the ramp. However, the wardrobe malfunction took place after the show when Bollywood’s beloved fashion designer arrived to address the press along with showstoppers (Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh).

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The long floral skirt that Alia represented was, undoubtedly, spectacular. However, one can blame it on the finale set that thrived on panels of glasses, mirroring a lot more than required. Malhotra, overlooking the glass floor beneath his feet, adjusted Alia’s skirt with his hands in order to curate a complete red carpet look. But the effort exposed Alia’s inner wear that sent everyone into a tizzy.

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Wardrobe malfunction is not a shocking phenomenon on the ramp. From showstopper actors to supermodels, a lot of known faces have faced it in the past. Even though dubbed as blasphemous crime by fashion police and media, we think malfunction is part and parcel of the game that is only meant to showcase garments. Technically, it is considered as a grave error as fashion shows are produced to present a certain look, with pre-decided sketches of silhouettes, threads, colours etc. Anything extra seen on a model’s body ruins the look, aesthetically as well as technically.

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Barring that shocking moment, the actors stole the thunder at the fashion week. The audiences couldn’t stop cheering for vivacious Alia and energetic Ranveer. The actors flew many kisses in return, adding more drama on the runway.

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