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Why did Rohit Bal cry at the fashion week?

Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal in high spirits at Varun Bahl’s show

Designers pushing their creative geniuses, fabulous clothes, elaborate sets, sexy models, high-heeled celebrities and city’s high-class paparazzi moments, that’s all we generally witness at the fashion weeks. But at the ongoing Amazon India Couture Week 2015, there was bit of an emotional scene our eyes couldn’t believe either. Emotions ran amazingly high when fabulous bonding struck between India’s famed fashion designer Rohit Bal and FDCI chief Sunil Sethi. Gudda, as Rohit Bal is lovingly called, was seen crying vehemently in the arms of Mr Sethi, much to the surprise of guests who were walking out after attending the off-site show by Varun Bahl at a Mandi House bungalow. The scene at the exit point of the venue left spectators baffled who were curious and amazed in equal measure. During the show, Bal was visibly sloshed and struggled to concentrate on the clothes modelled on the ramp. He even sat in the front row, an unusual gesture as he often chooses to stand in the corners. During the penultimate moments of the show, Mr Sethi gripped him and even escorted him personally, preventing him from tripping on the ground. However, the designer broke down at the exit and was apparently trying to initiate some serious dialogue. Now we don’t know if it was a fit of emotions after several drinks or there was actually some issue between the two that Bal chose to sort out at that eerie moment. Or there is something else that is haunting Gudda! Anyway, sooner or later, we should come to know about that!

PS: We love you Rohit Bal and we always want to see you smiling! We know you are an emotional and adorable fashion designer who often sheds tears in good spirit! Take this in stride too! Ting :-)
Below is a picture-based story with funny captions!

Rohit Bal

Is that what you call a dress?

Rohit Bal

So what was exactly distracting Rohit?

Rohit Bal

Wait for my show, damn you!

Rohit Bal

Is it a sari or a gown? I am just confused!

Rohit Bal

Why the hell am I here?

Rohit Bal

Mr Sunil Sethi gets overprotective



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