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Why does India need condom ads?

Mr politcian, give some rest to your dynamic brain. Sunny Leone’s condom advertisement suggests us to practise ‘safe sex’, not ‘rape’ a woman! You better get this. 


Sunny Leone via YouTube

There hardly goes a week in our country where a politician wouldn’t make a ‘WTF’ comment. So it didn’t surprise me when the CPI leader Atul Anjan made a public statement that advertisements such as Sunny Leone’s condom ad, could be responsible for a growing number of rapes in India. Did you say again, WTF!!!
Let me first dissect his statement a bit and understand what he is trying to say. It’s a condom ad, so it is bound to show something sensual and talk of carnal pleasures. Perhaps Mr Anjan is trying to say that men watching Ms Leone will get aroused and since they can’t lay hands on her they will try to rape the woman standing next to them. So if Ms Leone doesn’t do such advertisements then the men shall not entertain such thoughts and henceforth, there will be no rapes.
Will someone please tell Mr Anajn that rape isn’t caused because men see half-naked bodies on television. It is caused because most men believe that they own a woman’s body. They feel a sense of entitlement just as they would feel when they own a property. Rape happens because men aren’t taught to respect women or respect her choices.
Perhaps it will help if Mr Anjan had a heart-to-heart talk with his fellow Parliamentarians who were caught on camera watching porn on their cellphones. Did they go out and rape after watching the porn? It is time we addressed the issue for what it is and not make statements that aren’t just baseless but highlight the hypocrisy of our leaders.
And Mr Anjan if there is any merit in Ms Leone’s advt, then it will be an encouragement to young men to practise safe sex. Yes, sex. Not, rape. There’s a difference between the two. And here the devil doesn’t lie in the details.

Porn star-turned-actress Sunny Leone herself gave a befitting response to the Indian minister!

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