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(Exclusive) ‘Won’t be a runway designer’: Tanira Sethi

Tanira Sethi, daughter of FDCI chief Sunil Sethi, talks about launching her eponymous label, fashion inspirations and why she doesn’t want to be the runway designer

Tanira Sethi

Tanira Sethi at Patine, DLF Emporio

A rather humble launch in the presence of the big wigs of the fashion industry, Tanira Sethi’s debut collection of Cashmere sarees showcased a body of oeuvre that spoke for itself. A challenging venture for a young designer to undertake, the new range was welcomed and appreciated by the veterans of the industry and bureaucrats present at the launch including Madhu Jain, JJ Valaya, Amitabh Kant and her own father, the chief of FDCI, Sunil Sethi.

Taani by Tanira Sethi, is an array of the unstitched garment made with three different design ideologies. Introducing the saree in cashmere lace, the first of its kind is an intricate work done by hand, taken up by artisans skilled for this since ages. The challenge of embroidery in cashmere thread has been brilliantly overcome to produce the elegant nine yards of cloth. It has been produced in plain colours as well as in the ombre effect. The second is the hand-woven saree, done in abstract and geometric motifs. It’s exquisitely crafted and styled in a contemporary form with minimal rendition. The colour palette is subdued, cast in indigo and charcoal, and accents of chrome yellow and red. The range extends itself to a third kind, the hand painted sarees which is treated to avoid colour bleeding.

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In conversation with, she talked about her journey to the fashion industry, saying that it was an obvious choice as she has been passionate about art, design and fashion since a very nascent age. Seeking her graduation from NIFT and post-graduate degree from Chelsea College of art and design, she intended to stick to the textile industry, focusing on saree. The young designer has set herself apart by making a unique choice of cashmere for craft-revival.

Madhu Jain, a craft revivalist and textile conservationist, who was present there reviewed Tanira’s work expressly. “It is an interesting collection. The quality and texture of the cloth is exceptional. The use of colours is notable for its contribution to the cloth’s overall elegance.”

Achieving an enormous platform at the age of 23, when asked about exhibiting at the Amazon India Fashion Week, she chuckled and earnestly replied, “I am not going to be showcasing at the fashion week because I want to stick to the unstitched garment that is the saree. This is just the beginning.”

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