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WTF: Ranveer Singh locks lips with Karan Johar, AIB censors the clip!

They abused, poked, mocked and ridiculed heartthrobs Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. But one thing that All India Bakchod probably did wrong in their first celebrity roast show was that they censored a hot kiss between Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar. The video which debunks all conventional modes of entertainment, actually two steps ahead of MTV Roadies kind of stuff, is full of slur, satire and abusive content. However, All India Bakchod chose to conveniently obscure ‘selective’ part of the clip which could have been a real game changing moment in public absorption of comedy and entertainment on YouTube and online media. Karan Johar was mocked throughout the show over his sexuality but the organisers have banned the gay kiss between him and Ranveer Singh. Following the alleged lip-lock, celebrities as seen in the video, especially Sonakshi Sinha, are expressing shock while other guest comedians give standing ovation to Ranveer’s hilarious yet brave act. We wonder if Karan put pressure on All India Bakchod to censor the clip or the comedy group just got over sensitive and refused to play along with Karan’s public image? Or the kiss just never happened? Whatever be the case, it certainly doesn’t reflect the spirit AIB stands for!

What’s the matter: When Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor reach stage (watch precisely at 07:25), Ranveer holds Karan Johar, who’s the moderator of the evening, with both hands and apparently locks lip with the filmmaker. However, what we get to see is a honey bee seeking nectar from a flower. What’s the need of this animation when Ranveer Singh precisely emoted the same on stage? Though AIB has given a disclaimer right in the beginning of the video saying it has been edited for YouTube, it has left many fans and viewers disappointed as gay kiss is prominently featured on YouTube.



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