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Ahoy! Kickass life lessons from ABCD 2

A still from the movie. Image courtey:

ABCD 2 tells you how discipline, honesty and consistency turn your dreams into reality. By Karan Bhardwaj

Ahoy! Coach Remo D’Souza is at his best, yet again! If you are a student of life, ABCD 2 perhaps can be your guidebook. It is definitely one of the edgiest movies churned out of Bollywood factory. But besides wholesome entertainment, Varun Dhawan-Shraddha Kapoor starrer ABCD 2 has some kickass life lessons that help you set higher goals, and achieve them too. Here is our takeaway from ABCD 2.

TEAM SPIRIT: “It takes two flints to make a fire” — Louisa May Alcott. The strength of a successful group lies in its team spirit, and it can be obtained only if you are supportive of each other. There is no room for elephant-sized egos. ABCD 2 doesn’t focus on Varun Dhawan or Shraddha Kappor or their infatuation. It’s a great story of a team where members constantly strive to provide pillar support to each other. Yes, the rule is only broken when Dharmesh Sir takes off his shoes and expose the stingy pair of socks.

LEADERSHIP IS INTANGIBLE: Varun Dhawan is an unofficial leader of the group, as we all have in our regular circles, but he never imposes his ideas on this large motley of dancers. In fact, he mostly withdraws himself and motivates other team members to take charge. Even in dance performances, other artistes have got a fair share of their lead on the stage. Now, this is the best quality of being a great leader. You will always be the backbone of your team without even saying it. In penultimate moments of ABCD 2, when the group is shattered and wants to back out from the famed contest, it is Varun’s shining leadership skills that inspire the team to fight against the odds.

DISCIPLINE IS KEY: Confidence comes from discipline and training. If you are relentlessly consistent in your efforts, success will kiss your ass at your terms and conditions. There could be challenges at multiple steps, like this group faces. Their team is not equipped even with basics. But they transform the ‘national shame’ to the glory of ‘India Stunners’ only on the basis of their passion and dedication. So be focussed.

BE BOLD: Off screen, Shraddha Kapoor is no great dancer. But she took up the challenge and signed a movie that had dance in its veins. Now she has passed with flying colours. Unlike her previous films where she has only played vulnerable, weak characters, ABCD 2 proves her strength and endurance.

THERE’S ALWAYS A NEXT TIME: The crux of the matter is that there’s always another chance in life. You may not win but every game teaches you life lessons that make you a better player. It is up to you whether you are willing to learn and march ahead.


Varun Dhawan in ABCD 2. Image courtesy: ABCD 2 Facebook page

DON’T BE BLIND: When you are going up the ladder or following your passion, do not trust anybody and everybody blindly. Well-wishers often come with set agendas. And you become their victim if you do not cater to their whims and fancies. Remember: “You’ve got a dream. You have to protect it.”

PAY THE PRICE: Dreams come at a cost. And you have to pay the price. Be it friends or family, they are bound to be upset but you have to set your priorities. A ‘struggling choreographer’ Prabhudeva is ditched by his partner (and their son) but he chooses to stick to his guns. End? He is the baazigar!

BUILD YOUR CHARACTER: Okay, there’s no rocket science here. Bad things do happen. How we respond to them defines our character and the quality of life. Always respect the values and principles you are grown up with. Make sure you stick to your guns and take everything in stride. You don’t have to prove anything to anybody but yourself. Varun Dhawan and his group are called a ‘national shame’ initially but their never-say-die spirit makes them national heroes. Remember the contribution of your parents and gurus in your life as success reaches your doorstep.



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