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AIFW Finale Show: Front row guests, editors, models arriving last-minute debarred from entry!

The likes of Nandini Bhalla and Anushka Manchanda were denied entry as they couldn’t arrive on time for the AIFW grand finale, reports Karan Bhardwaj

finale show

Anushka Manchanda was seen hanging out with friends during the finale show

Whether Bollywood actors making shocking statements or models floundering on the ramp or designers cribbing over rip offs, the fashion weeks are always full of spice. Besides serious fashion dialogues, runway presentations and business interactions, every season, we also find some controversial news that send shock waves across the fraternity.

This time, the Amazon India Fashion Week-Autumn Winter 2017 ended with rather an unpleasant sight where some regular front row guests were denied entry at the grand finale. While finale designers Tarun Tahiliani and Amit Aggarwal put up a spectacular show inside the Main Stage Area (MSA), some ruckus was seen outside the hall. A little investigation revealed that the finale show, which generally takes off with a minimum delay of an hour or more, started shortly after the scheduled time. A handful of editors, guests, bloggers and photographers, who were arriving late, were strictly debarred from the entry.

We spotted Cosmopolitan editor Nandini Bhalla along with her sister Radhika Bhalla, also a fashion commentator, returning from the gates. We didn’t spot them at the after-party either. Well-known actor-singer Anushka Manchanda, who was showstopper at the menswear show just before the grand finale, too couldn’t witness the gala end. Though disappointed, she was seen posing happily for selfies with friends. “Anushka was supposed to grace the front row. She was the showstopper for ‘Naught One by Abhishek’ show also. However, we couldn’t take her to the show as it started on a surprise note. They refused her entry by the time we reached the MSA,” said a source, who was managing special guests at the show.

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We also spotted a whole gang of 8-10 models cribbing outside the stage area along with tens of fashionistas who were desperately pleading the security staff to sneak in. They too couldn’t arrive on time. The PR representatives of the FDCI were seen explaining the situation and apologising to a handful of senior bloggers, journalists and photographers for being ‘helpless’ at the situation. Guests who attended the finale show too expressed their shock. “I didn’t hear any announcement for the show. I wasn’t expecting them to start the show so early. I was among the last lot which could step inside the MSA,” said a senior designer.

Summing up the whole scenario, a guest was righteously heard saying, “Shit happens. Better be punctual next time!”

PS: The writer of this article too regretted for not being able to make it on time for the finale show despite being present at the venue.

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